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Sign-up for Fall 2023 Auditions!

 Click here to sign up for an audition slot.

Keep reading below for information about auditions.

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First Round: Walk 

Our first round of auditions is very low pressure. We do not ask that you come prepared with a solo and you will not need to know how to read sheet music. Instead, we will give you instructions for a few vocal exercises, so come warmed up and ready to sing - we just want to see what you can do!

Callbacks Round 1: By Invite

We will send out an email to all the girls that we would like to hear again after our first round of auditions. 

For the callback, come prepared with a short solo (usually the verse and a chorus of a song) that shows you off - this is where we get to know you and your voice better. You can choose any song, in any style - the most important thing is that you are comfortable singing it!

Callbacks Round 2: By Invite

Again, we will send out an email to all the girls that we would like to hear again after our first round of callbacks.


For the second round of callbacks, please prepare another solo, ideally in a different genre than the previous round. Also come ready to learn and to meet the other amazing women who could potentially be new niblets with you! :) 


What is the time commitment for the group?

We have three two-hour rehearsals per week, on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Sunday's. However, this does not prevent us from participating in other clubs and activities throughout the semester - we have members who work on-campus jobs and / or are in mentorship programs, business clubs, Greek Life, and more. Most importantly, we get a lot done during these six hours, but always manage to make them enjoyable as well. 

How much experience should I have in order to audition?

We don't choose based on experience, we choose based on voice. Some of our members were vocal majors in high school, while others had never performed until they joined the group. Whether you were in chorus in high school, just sing on your own time, or usually prefer the shower as your concert venue, we want to hear you sing! Be confident!

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